Violin department was established together with the foundation of art school. After a few years Rudamina School of Art organised additional guitar classes. Section of string instruments has traditional Christmas concerts, concert „First Notes“ of pre-schoolar children musical education and first grade students.

In 2009, violin ensemble of 4-7 grade students was arranged (headed by O. Tunevič). Ensemble successfully perfoms in various school events, events of Vilnius district, National Festivals „A Day with Lithuanian Music Piece“ and „Perpetuum Mobile“.

Since 2010, Rudamina School of Art arranges an annual Violin Music Festival “In the Rhytm of Dance: since old times until nowadays“. In 2012, it has been joined by young violinists from other Vilnius district Schools of Art.

In 2011, violin ensemble of 1-3 grade students was arranged (headed by L. Šernienė). Ensemble takes part in various events of violin section, Rudamina School of Art and even Vilnius district.

Teachers are very proud of their formal and present students. Their achievements keep school reputation in high level: students have made memorable perfomances in  XXII International Competition Citta di Barletta in Italy and International Subcarpathia Chamber Music Festival in Rzeshow, Poland.

Participants of National and International Contests:

Nacionalinis B. Dvariono konkursas,

Respublikinis klasikinės gitaros konkursas,

Tarptautinis St. Moniuškos konkursas,

Tarptautinis St. Moniuškos festivalis,

Respublikinis konkursas „Diena su lietuviška pjese“,

Respublikinis stygininkų lietuviškos pjesės konkursas,

Respublikinis styginių instrumentų žiemos konkursas,

Vilniaus apskrities festivalis ,,Jaunųjų smuikininkų valanda”,

Tarptautinis instrumentinės muzikos konkursas „Muzikinė mažųjų mozaika“.

Students are willingly playing together with pianists, clarinetists, accordionists, flutists, guitarists. Music ensembles strongly represent school in the events of Vilnius district, also in National or International Festivals, where they get diplomas.

Methodic group of string instruments department:

Oksana Tunevič,

Veslav Sobieski,

Lina Šernienė,

Anna Kijevič,

Andrius Striūna.