The Rudamina School of Art was founded in 2003 and started their work in premises of Rudamina F. Ruščic gymnasium. Genadijus Liutvinskis was in charge of Rudamina School of Art until 2008 and the first teachers were Bogdan Voicinovič, Jolanta Grabštunovičienė, Oksana Tunevič and Ingrida Spalinskaitė. Rudamina School of Art organised piano, accordion, violin and psaltery classes, later on students were able to play wind instruments.

Over the years many teachers and students have joined school collective. In 2007, Vilnius District Municipality and Poland Republic organisation „Wspolnota Polska“ initiated the renovation of the old school of Rudamina, built in 1937.

In January 25, 2008 there was a grand opening of Rudamina School of Art which moved to new premises. Classes are carried out there until now.

In the same year Jurij Krupičevič became the headmaster of Rudamina School of Art. Also there was created a new department of art in September.

Rudamina School of Art has more than 210 students and over 20 teachers. Students have classes of early (1-2 years), primary (3 years) and elementary (4 years) education programs of music and art. Also, it is possible to continue studies over the extended education program (2 years). In music section students can take piano, violin, guitar, accordion, wind instrument (clarinet, saxophone and flute) classes. In section of art students discover painting, graphics, sculpture, stain glass, design, ceramic art and textile.

Students are playing in wind or violin ensembles, accordion orchestra or singing in junior choir, vocal ensemble.

Within the years Rudamina School of Art has created many traditions: celebration of new school year opening, Teachers‘ Day celebration, Christmas concerts, Commemoration of 16th of February and 11th of March, celebration of Mother‘s day and graduation certificate giving ceremony, concerts of students and teachers for parents and Vilnius district society.

Rudamina School of Art has many collaborations with other Schools of Art, nursery education and secondary comprehensive schools of Vilnius district. Also there are international collaboration with foreign art schools in Germany (Haide) and Poland (Warsaw, Rzeshow, Radom, Inowroclaw, Torun).

Former students of Rudamina School of Art continue studies of music and art in Lithuania and abroad.